Sunday, June 13, 2010

a few days off

and I thought I'd update the blog. we played an absolutely killer show last night (well, 3 of us think so) and stayed up til the usual 4-something AM. these 3-nights-in-a-row gigs have been a blast, but take their toll on sanity and awareness.

on to where we have stayed. the first place we stayed at was DJ Tutt's mom and stepdad's place in Oak Brook, IL. beautiful house, color-changing lights in the pool, comfy couches, and a basement full of slot machines and arcade games. the off-road truck racing game was the top pick of all of us, drinking and driving being the theme!

the next night we stayed at Tutt's dad's 51st floor apartment in downtown Chicago right across from Navy kickass, pics of our view to follow.

we stayed the next night back in Oak Brook with Tutt's mom and stepdad.

we are currently in LaSalle/Peru, Illinois staying with Chris's family friends, the Paytons. this is the first place we've had internet, which is why all this is finally getting up! we'll be here for the next 2 nights, then off to Iowa City on tuesday.

just a badass point to make, everywhere we've stayed has had food for us to eat and beer for us to drink. too cool.

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